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Custom visuals
at your fingertips

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At Nomad we can help ideate, produce and edit visual concepts to define your brand's story. We believe cinematography is not exclusive to cinema, rather a tool to highlight your products, services and ideas.

- Webseries

- Interview/docu Format

- Music Videos

- Feature Format

- Commercials

- Post-Production

Media production learn more
Aerial cinematography learn more

Aerial Cinematography

Nomad lets you easily get your hands on professional drone footage. Let us know when and where ahead of time and our certified pilots will make the necessary flight authorizations to get that birds eye view without a hassle.

- Video/Photo

- Real Estate

- Nature/urban 

- Advanced operations

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- 360° Images

- 4K Raw 

Live Events Learn More
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Nomad actually started as a live production company. Our technical producers can bring your virtual or physical events to the next level with personalized streaming tools. Go live on any platform with confidence. We can even help you design your own live broadcasting environment for more autonomy.

- Podcast

- Live Shows

- Zoom Productions

- Stream to any Platform

- Build your own Studio


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